Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)

Next-generation sequencing is an advanced technique that identifies mutations and variants in an individual’s DNA or genome. Not only does it optimize patient’s access to clinical trials where they might obtain the greatest benefit, but it also enables monitoring of the active pathways during therapy so the appropriate medication adjustments may be made.

When conducting a clinical trial, Next Generation Sequencing can help address:

  • Issues associated with turn-around-time for prospective studies
  • Inefficiency of patient screening for rarer biomarkers
  • Duration of responses for targeted drugs

At eclipse, we are passionate about Genomics and its relationship to Pharmaceutical Drug Development. It is relatively easy to generate a petabyte of data using Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology. However, providing a scalable storage infrastructure that meets data policy, retention, transmission and computing requirements for NGS is no easy task.

Our software allows for:

  • Adoption of standards and federated distributed data systems, harmonize existing data sets, integrated analyses, data repurposing discovery science
  • Promotion of data sharing while maintaining privacy and security
  • Development of automated, stakeholder-driven, Clinical Decision Support (CDS) systems
  • Cultivation of education on Big Data-based information technology, digital archiving and analysis

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